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Superkine IL2 and IL33 armored CAR T cells reshape the tumor microenvironment and reduce growth of multiple solid tumors.
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Life support for transitory exhausted CTLs.
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Resident memory CD8+ T cells in regional lymph nodes mediate immunity to metastatic melanoma.
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IL-6 enhances CD4 cell motility by sustaining mitochondrial Ca2+ through the noncanonical STAT3 pathway.
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Dendritic cells maintain anti-tumor immunity by positioning CD8 skin-resident memory T cells.
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Engineering a natural ligand-based CAR: directed evolution of the stress-receptor NKp30.
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Foxo1 Serine 209 Is a Critical Regulatory Site of CD8 T Cell Differentiation and Survival.
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Control of B Cell Lymphoma by Gammaherpesvirus-Induced Memory CD8 T Cells.
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AMPK Activation by Metformin Promotes Survival of Dormant ER+ Breast Cancer Cells.
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