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December 2019 – Welcome to Abby Goen who will be conducting her Winter rotation in the lab.

November 2019 – Yina visits the immunologists and speaks at Thomas Jefferson University.

October 2019 – Farewell to Jerry who starts as Principal Investigator at Innovent Biologics.

September 2019 – Welcome to Shawn Musial who will be conducting his Fall rotation in the lab.

August 2019 – Hanna Degefu joins the lab to conduct her senior capstone project.

August 2019 – Welcome to the 35 new MCB graduate students!

August 2019 – Yina co-organizes the NorthEast Regional IDeA conference at the Mount Washington Resort.

July 2019 – Rachel presents "Super2-expressing CAR T cells generate improved anti-tumor responses to solid tumors" at the AACR conference on Immune Cell Therapies for Cancer.

July 2019 – iSURF visits Woods Hole and Martha's Vineyard...for some science, sea and fun!

July 2019 – Congratulations to Rachel for being voted MCB student representative.

July 2019 – Yina starts as chair of the Dartmouth MCB graduate program.

June 2019 – Yina visits the immunologists and speaks at Temple University.

June 2019 – Dr. Ben Hills returns to complete his 3rd and 4th years of medical school.

June 2019 – Hanna Degefu from Colby Sawyer joins the lab to conduct summer research on CD8 T cell differentiation.

June 2019 – Annette Osborn from Mount Holyoke College joins the lab to conduct summer research on skin resident memory T cells.

June 2019 – Yina welcomes the 2019 iSURF researchers who will be conducting full time research at Dartmouth over the next 10 weeks.

June 2019 – Rachel receives a Scholar-in-Training Award to attend the AACR meeting in July.

June 2019 – Yina visits the immunologists and speaks at Temple University.

May 2019 – Welcome to Leena Abdullah to the lab. She will be conducting her thesis research on Akt regulation of B versus T cell fate decisions.

May 2019 – Congratulations to Ben and Jerry (yes, we celebrated with lots of ice cream) for successfully defending their theses!


Oops...sorry for the radio silence.


August 2017 – Welcome to new MCB students!

August 2017 – Brent Smiles presents at the MPUS talk and poster sessions.



August 2017 – Yonatan Degefu presents at the annual INBRE meeting.




July 2017 – Yina begins her appointment as Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Pathology.

July 2017 – NCCC scientists thank Prouty participants for supporting cancer research.

June 2017 – Brent Smile, MPUS student from University of Michigan joins the to determine mechanisms regulating Foxo1 localization during T cell differentiation.

June 2017 – Yonatan Degefu, INBRE student from Colby-Sawyer College joins the lab to examine and quantify skin resident T cells during the summer.

May 2017 – Rachel Brog and Hannah Lust join the lab to conduct their thesis research. Welcome!



September 2015 – Yina speaks at the Protein Kinase Inhibitor Design & Screening Conference

September 2015 – Congratulations to Ben Hills for passing his MCB qualifying exam.

August 2015 – Ele Clancy-Thompson publishes her paper “Melanoma Induces, and Adenosine Suppresses, CXCR3-Cognate Chemokine Production and T-cell Infiltration of Lungs Bearing Metastatic-like Disease” in Cancer Immunology Research.

August 2015 – Jamie Moseley and Yina co-organize the 2015 MCB retreat that welcomes 2 new faculty members and 31 incoming graduate students at the Mountain View Grand Resort.

August 2015 – Congratulations to Ben Hills for his selection and appointment to the Immunology training grant.

July 2015 – Congratulations to Jennifer Vella for passing her MCB qualifying exam.

July 2015 – The Huang lab initiates a collaborative Immunology COBRE pilot study on “The role of tumor-derived lactate on T cell function.”

June 2015 – INBRE student, Alex Bishop joins the lab to conduct summer research on T cell trafficking.

May 2015 – Mary Jo Turk and Yina host the annual Immunology retreat at Lake Morey. Great science presentations by both internal and external speakers, including Drs. Dario Vignali and Ana Anderson.

May 2015 – We celebrate Dr. David Leib's 25th anniversary as an independent investigator.

April 2015 – We bid farewell and best wishes to Yina's pathology mentor Dr. Jim Gorham, who accepted the position of head of Clinical Pathology at UVA.

March 2015 – Xinxin and Ben publish a review paper on “Lipid and protein co-regulation of PI3K effectors Akt and Itk in lymphocytes” in Frontiers in Immunology.

March 2015 – Fourth year pathology resident, Dr. Erik Jenson joins the lab for an immunology elective.

February 2015 – Yina speaks with graduate students and post-docs at the “Women in Academia.”

January 2015 – Yina visits the immunologists and speaks at the Blood Research Institute in Wisconsin.

January 2015 – Yina speaks at the Keystone Symposium on "PI 3-Kinase Signaling Pathways in Disease."

December 2014 – The Sentman and Huang labs team up in a Prouty pilot study on "Boosting Adoptive Cell Transfer Immunotherapy."

November 2014 – Yina visits the immunologists and speaks at UMass Medical School.

November 2014 – MD PhD student L. Benjamin Hills joins the lab.

October 2014 – The Huang Lab’s pumpkin entry comes in third!

October 2014 – The Leib lab hosts the annual Hallowe’en pumpkin carving contest. Check out the 2013 hall of fame.

October 2014 – Xinxin Wang starts her postdoctoral fellowship at Calibr, headed by Pete Schultz, Yina’s former Organic Chemistry professor at Berkeley. Best wishes Xinxin.

September 2014 – The lab attends the Northern Immunological Mountain Society meeting in Bolton VT.

September 2014 – Xinxin Wang successfully obtains her PhD from Washington University. Congratulations Xinxin.

August 2014 – Ben Xu’s paper Mst1 Directs Myosin IIa Partitioning of Low and Higher Affinity Integrins During T cell Migration, published in PLoSOne, demonstrates for the first time that Mst1 controls Myosin II localization and activity in T cells.

August 2014 – Ben Xu starts as a medical student at Yale. Best wishes Ben.

August 2014 – Xinxin Wang’s paper “Calmodulin and PI(3,4,5)P3 Cooperatively Bind to the Itk Pleckstrin Homology Domain to Promote Efficient Calcium Signaling and IL-17A Production”, published in Science Signaling, demonstrates a potentially general role for CaM in controlling PH domain function.

July 2014 – Lisa Carson (Dartmouth undergraduate ’15) is awarded a Kaminsky Family Fund Award to conduct senior honor’s research in the lab. Congratulations Lisa.

July 2014 – The Huang Lab joins the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

June 2014 – MCB students Jennifer Vella and Jia (Jerry) Zou join the lab.

June 2014 – Ben Xu successfully obtains his PhD from Washington University. Congratulations Ben.

June 2014 – Saeyun Lee (Dartmouth undergraduate ’17) joins the lab to conduct summer research.

June 2014 – Yina visits the immunologists and speaks at the University of Vermont.

May 2014 – Yina and Mary Jo Turk organize and host the “Immunology and Immunotherapy at Dartmouth 2014” symposium.

May 2014 – Xinxin Wang speaks at the AAI meeting on “InsP4 negatively regulates dendritic cell cytokine secretion and migration to peripheral draining lymph nodes.”