How to Use Our Services

Step 1

Decide on which service you would like DartMouse to perform and  fill out a copy of the accession form. Download the form, and save a copy to your computer.  Please and return it to us by email at If you are having difficulty downloading this form, you can email the lab and we will send a copy directly to you.

Once we have received your completed accession form we will contact you within two (2) business days to discuss the project before you ship your samples to our lab.

Step 2

Please ship your mouse tails to us (see "Shipping Methods" on the drop-down menu above).

We prefer to work from fresh, unprepared mouse tissue, although we also accept previously extracted DNA, of sufficient purity and concentration, in certain situations.

For mouse tissue, we ask for ~0.5-1.0cm of mouse-tail clippings from each mouse you want analyzed. There is no need for your lab to extract DNA prior to sending us your samples. We extract the DNA in our lab as part of the analysis protocol.

Step 3

Once we receive your samples, we run our analysis and return the results to you within 14 business days. Upon completion of our analysis we return the results of your current project, and an invoice for the completed services, through email.

For examples of the graphs and chromosome maps returned along with our written reports see, "Sample Graphs and Maps" under "Services."