DartMouse™ offers clients a marker-assisted congenic breeding strategy to produce congenic mice with >99% recipient strain genetic purity in half the time (5 generations; 1.25-1.5 years) instead of the more practiced 10-20 generations, which can take greater than 5 years.

  • DartMouse uses the Illumina Infinium Genotyping Assay to examine SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) throughout the mouse genome – with analysis of the data we can help you select the “best” (most-like your genetic background of interest) mouse to backcross for the next generation.  Using this speed congenic approach saves valuable time and money.
  • Each experimental sample is interrogated for over 5300 SNPs spaced throughout the mouse genome with an average density of 0.5 Mbp providing very detailed interval mapping.

The workhorse of our analysis is the Illumina iScan SNP-Chip Reader. This piece of equipment is serviced yearly by the manufacturer to ensure that the lasers and cameras are optimally calibrated.