Program Overview

The International Coproduction Health Network (ICoHN) is a network of communities of practice composed of multiple communities of practice (CoPs) which have been engaged in improving health and healthcare through a focus on co-production.  The coproduction perspective challenges traditional thinking about how healthcare is conceptualized, viewing it as a service rather than something that is produced or delivered by the healthcare system.  This new conceptualization of how healthcare services are coproduced requires a new way of thinking about how quality and value are generated and how these aspects can be assessed and measured to inform improvement and strategic decision-making in health systems. In 2020, ICoHN established a CoP focussed on coproduction value creation called the Value Creating Business Model Community of Practice.  Led by CHIRP director Dr. Brant Oliver and visionary improvement scholar Dr. Paul Batalden, this group was composed of healthcare operations and finance leaders, clinicians, and patients from eleven health systems representing four countries and engaged on a one-year initiative to develop a self-assessment approach for health systems to assess coproduction value in health services using an adaptation of Fjeldstad’s value architectures.  The self-assessment approach is now being applied and studied in four health systems in two counties in the CO-VALUE study, which aims to further develop the self-assessment approach to provide qualitative and quantitative assessment options. CO-VALUE will complete the second part of a planned tree-phase study in September, 2023.  Phase 3 is planned to launch by the close of 2023.