Dr. Sanam Roder-DeWan presents her research to the TDI community

TDI’s faculty is made up of dozens of social scientists, engineers, clinician scientists, biostatisticians, and public health and health services researchers who are dedicated to improving health and healthcare for everyone. Our areas of research excellence include:

  • Understanding and reducing disparities in health outcomes based on geography, healthcare practices, state and local policies, payment models, and social determinants of health. An emerging area of expertise is health equity, including strategies for rebalancing national investments in social versus medical care in pursuit of better population health outcomes.
  • Developing “coproduction learning health systems,” in which patients’ experiences and the outcomes of real healthcare practices generate the data that researchers need to improve care. We are also developing and testing new strategies and models to improve patient-clinician communication and medical decision-making.
  • Innovative models of organization and financing of healthcare delivery to support high-value care delivery.
  • Causal inference and social network methods.
  • Quality improvement methods and practices.

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Center for Program Design and Evaluation (CPDE)

CPDE is a fee-for-service research center specializing in mixed methods evaluation and program design. The team’s expertise spans anthropology, business, education, life sciences, medicine, psychology, and public health, affording a unique position to assist organizations and programs of all types.

Data Storage and Management

Detailed information about managing data use agreements (DUAs), data storage, and user compliance is available on these pages. (The Data Analytic Core (DAC) has closed its operations as of June 30, 2024.)