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Center for Global Health Equity

Awarded by the Center for Global Health Equity and supported by the Geisel School of Medicine Dean's Office.

2022 – 2023 Fellowship Application

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5pm on September 1, 2022

This fellowship enables students to actively engage with domestic or international partners in interdisciplinary education, research, advocacy or clinical opportunities that promote health equity in local and global environments. The goal of this fellowship is to help Geisel students gain a perspective of the health disparities that impact underserved populations and the care they receive.


The ideal Center for Global Health Equity International Fellowship makes a sustainable and meaningful contribution to an international community through engagement in research and/or service. Successful applicants demonstrate how that experience will develop their capacity to provide high quality, culturally competent care as future physicians. To that end, fellowship electives/experiences should include one or more of the Fellowship Guidelines below.

Recommended Project Components

  1. Hands-on community development
  2. Some degree of public health or patient education
  3. An assessment of the delivery of clinical care in a low-income country. Pre-clinical students are encouraged to participate at some level in clinical care, but that should not be the principal focus of their experience.
  4. Data collection that is required for planning or evaluating health services or assessing the distribution of disease and the factors that influence that distribution.

Service Element

In reviewing Fellowship applications, electives/experiences will be ranked in part on what the student hopes to leave behind that will be of value to the people served; this service element is a requirement of all projects.

NOTE: The CGHE complies with the official travel policy of Dartmouth in that it does not fund travel to any country on the State Department's travel warning list. Students can seek a waiver by applying to the Provost's Office.

Requests for domestic cross-cultural projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. An international fellowship should develop your ability to communicate comfortably with individuals from other cultures and to understand the processes for addressing international healthcare issues that confront nations. Students ideally should be familiar with the language of the country in which they want to intern. Projects must include an in-country duration of no less than 6 weeks. Returning fellows agree to participate in workshops or informational sessions related to fellowships. Following completion of the fellowship, students are required to prepare a public presentation and poster, a paragraph summary for the website, and a 2-3 page report detailing their work and how it has enriched their capability as a future healthcare provider.

For more information about applying for summer global health opportunities, listen to this informational session presented by the Center for Global Health Equity Director, Dr. Lisa V. Adams, recorded in February 2022.


To apply for funding, a complete application must be received by the deadline posted.

Download Application Form

Summer 2022 – Domestic Health Equity

For Summer 2022 we are offering funding for a limited number of domestic health equity internships.

Download Domestic Health Equity Application Form

Supervisor Forms

In addition to completing the online application, you must email the following to by the application deadline.

Faculty Statement

Geisel faculty member must complete the Faculty Sponsor statement.

Supervisor Statement

Applicants must ask their host-organizations to complete the Supervisor Statement, which verifies your offer of fellowship and includes a description of the work to be completed.

Send your completed application to the Center for Global Health Equity at this address: Letters of recommendation from your project supervisors are not required but will be reviewed if submitted with your application.

Applications are due by 5pm on September 1, 2022.