Diabetes Clinic

Also run through the Good Neighbor Health Clinic, the Diabetes Clinic is one of the new ventures we're partnering with GNHC for. The goal is to make this clinic a self-sufficient, student-run clinic similar to the Mascoma Clinic, but held on site in White River Junction instead. Two students have traditionally held the role of intake/'nurse' for the Diabetes Clinic which is held the third Wednesday of every month. The advantage is that these students get to build a rapport with the patients over the course of the year by committing to being there for each clinic. Eventually we'd like to switch from a two-person commitment to a four-person commitment (by the 2014-2015 academic year). In order to move in this direction, we have spots available for any first years interested in performing admissions or clinic management roles. Please contact contact Meera.K.Nagarajan.MED@Dartmouth.edu or Sarah.H.Campbell.MED@Dartmouth.edu to get involved!