Lab values

Lab creed:

We respect and value the many unique traits and diverse perspectives that each scientist brings to lab. Together we work to:

  1. listen and learn from each other,
  2. build a culture of teamwork and inclusivity, and
  3. speak out against harassment and discrimination in STEM.

These efforts add significant value to our lab’s endeavors, allowing us to collectively and more effectively push back the frontier of science (and have some fun along the way).


A Scientist's Oath: (link)

  • I will practice and support a scientific process that is based on logic, intellectual rigor, personal integrity, and an uncompromising respect for truth;
  • I will perform my professional activities and interactions with scientific integrity and respect for the field and my peers;
  • I will acknowledge my role as an ambassador of science to the public, and strive to be honest, respectful, and unbiased with engaging the public;
  • I will value my work and its contribution to the scientific community;
  • I will never let the potential for personal recognition or advancement cause me to act in a way that violates the public trust in science or in me as a scientist;
  • I will foster a community that is inclusive of all and recognize that diversity cultivates innovation, creativity, and progress;
  • I will acknowledge and honor the contributions of scientists who have preceded me and become a worthy role model deserving of respect by those who follow me;
  • And I will always be cognizant that my work is for the advancement of knowledge and the benefit of all.


Scientific integrity:

“Researchers must be able to trust and build on the work of others; they must also be trusted by society since they provide knowledge and scientific expertise that may impact people’s lives. …Therefore, research integrity is at the very heart of the research enterprise and is intrinsic to the value of research to society, and society’s trust in the outcomes of this enterprise.” - Research Integrity: What it Means, Why it Is Important and How we Might Protect it (2015) (link)

Consistent with these ideals, data manipulation, data exclusion, falsification, etc, is not tolerated.


Work/life balance (adapted from many, including Sarah Hopp and Prachee Avasthi):

"A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." - Colin Powell

Everyone should have the opportunity for a fulfilling life outside of the lab while also being dedicated to getting projects completed in a timely manner. Learning to keep a consistent work/life balance is important for your long-term health, sanity, and sustained success.

Productivity is much more important than hours. However, in general, please be around during core work hours (roughly 9am-5pm or shifted slightly depending on your preferences) so we can learn from and be present for each other. That said, each individual person goes through phases of more and less intense work based on deadlines and commitments. The reality of a research lab is that sometimes time sensitive experiments can necessitate working outside of regular 9-5 hours. Likewise, there will likely be times where your project requires more than 40 hours in a week to get a critical set of experiments done. That said, we commit to helping you become increasingly skilled at arranging experiments and managing time to maintain a healthy and happy work/life balance.



"An experiment a day keeps the PI at bay" - grad school lore