QBS mentoring meeting topics

Communication style

  • What expectations do you have for the frequency and format of mentor/mentee team communications? What would you expect from a primary mentor as a PhD, in an internship, or job?
  • What communication tools have you used in the past with other mentors? What is your preferred communication mode?
  • What are preferred formats of meetings with mentors or advisors (one-on-one, small group, whole lab/team)? What is an expected frequency and duration?

Mentoring style

Questions for mentors

  • How do you mentor your students or peers?
  • What is your mentorship style like regarding career guidance?
  • What do you hope your mentees get out of meetings?
  • What are important boundaries for mentors and mentees? Can you be friends?
  • How long do you consider a mentorship to last?
  • What would you expect from a primary mentor as a PhD, in an internship, or job?
  • What expectations do you have of your mentees?

Questions for mentees

  • Have you yourself been a mentor and to whom?
  • What is your mentorship style?
  • What exceptions do you have from your team mentors? primary mentor as a PhD, in an internship, or career?
  • What do you hope your mentoring team gets out of meetings?
  • What other types of mentoring outside of the program might you be seeking?

Professional development

  • What opportunities for mentoring do graduate students have? (Supervising undergraduate RAs, lab techs, etc.)
  • What opportunities for honing communication and presentation skills do graduate students have? (Expectations regarding presenting in class, lab meetings, conferences, etc.)
  • Are there any opportunities for developing classroom teaching skills for both PhD and MS students?
  • What are the ways to develop a scientific network outside of the lab? (Mentoring team, conferences, etc.)
  • What other opportunities are there for networking at Dartmouth?


  • What type of feedback do PhD students seek? MS students?
  • How is feedback for improvement given?
  • Are regular feedback meetings important to you?
  • How is guidance given for how to critique research? (journal clubs, research project meetings, etc.), critique on aspects of professional development (professionalism, mock interviews, resumes, cover letters, etc.)

Scientific communication and writing

  • Are there expectations regarding the number of publications for PhD students? What is typical?
  • What are research opportunities for MS students? Can they have opportunities to publish?
  • What is authorship like in a lab, job, or internship?
  • How is feedback given on scientific writing?
  • What opportunities for feedback on scientific data presentation are in the lab? In a job? In an internship?
  • What are mentoring resources for scientific communication and writing?