Yuting Wang

Hometown: Jining, Shandong, China

Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English

Degree and Institution:

  • Master of Public Health in Global Health Epidemiology (University of Michigan);
  • Bachelor of Medicine (Jilin University)

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/yuting-wang-0068161a8

Previous Work Experience:

  • UChicago Research
  • Bangladesh (URB) Research Assistant

Academic Track: Academia & Industry

Career Track:

Career/ Research Interests:  Cancer etiology and prevention, environmental epidemiology

Favorite Algorithm and/or gene

Technical Expertise: SAS, R


My favorite scientist:

Extracurricular Activities: Music, Guzheng

Why QBS? The QBS program offers a unique opportunity to conduct research using a wide variety of methods and has a boundless network for collaboration with multiple disciplines in data science and more. The student-focused feature and active interaction between faculty and students also attract me greatly.

QBS MS Experience

QBS Electives


Favorite QBS Class:

Life at Dartmouth:

--When I am not in lab/school, I enjoy hiking and reading.