Thadryan Sweeney

Hometown: Orange, MA

Undergraduate institution: Greenfield Community College, American International College

Undergraduate major: Human Biology

Graduate Study - Institution: Northeastern University

My research interests are: I'm interested in using computational and statistical science to increase healthcare efficiency at two levels. The first is the physiological. I’m interested in genetic studies that increase fundamental understanding of diseases, such as those interrogating non-coding RNAs that vary with disease state. The second is the structural - I seek to learn from and optimize high-level structures such as healthcare networks and government programs to maximize their benefit to society.

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: Obtain a position where I can translate research into tools and findings that help stakeholders in the real world.

I have technical expertise in : Biomarker Analysis Differential Expression Interactive Data Visualization Programming in R, Python, and JavaScript

Other professional accomplishments of note: Before coming to Dartmouth I was a Technologist working with investigators at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical school, a Data Science Contractor at bluebird bio in Cambridge MA, and an instructor in the Bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern. In my pre-scientific career, I worked in Human Services and was a volunteer Firefighter and EMT. My full CV and background are available at

I chose QBS because: The interdisciplinary nature of the program - I wanted to keep developing my bioinformatics and analysis skills while doubling down on understanding and applying more advanced statistical techniques. I was also drawn to the research being done on the healthcare system itself, at The Dartmouth Institute, for instance, which was hard to find elsewhere.

Recreational Interests: Music, RPGs, hiking, sketching, and cartooning.

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