Nila Nathan

Hometown:  Mountain View, California

Languages Spoken:  English, French

Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (University of California, Santa Barbara)


Previous Work Experience:

  • World Health Organization - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office Health Economics and Financing Intern

Academic Track: Health Data Science

Career Track: Data Science


Nathan, N., Zeitzer, J.: A survey study of the association between mobile phone use and daytime sleepiness in California high school students. BMC Public Health 2013: (13) 840.

Dang, A. K., Nathan, N., et al.: Associations between internet addiction and physical activity among Vietnamese youths and adolescents. Children and Youth Services Review 2018.

Ha D. N., Nathan, N., et al.: Sociodemographic inequalities in substance use among young people in Vietnam. Children and Youth Services Review 2018.

Tran, B. X., Tran, T. D., Nathan, N., et al.: Catastrophic health expenditure of Vietnamese patients with gallstone diseases - a case for health insurance policy revaluation. ClinicoEconomics and outcomes research 2019: 11, 151-158.

Nathan, N., Nathan, KI: Suicide, Stigma and Utilizing Social Media Platforms to Gauge Public Perceptions. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2020: 10:947. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2019.00947

Nathan, N., Dastan, I., Mataria, A.: Developing health accounts following SHA 2011: a situational analysis of countries in WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region. EMHJ 2020 (in press)

Favorite Algorithm:

Technical Expertise


Extracurricular Activities:  Scuba Diving



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Life at Dartmouth:

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