Matthew Nemesure

Hometown: Stony Brook, New York USA

Undergraduate institution: Binghamton University

Undergraduate major: Bachelor of Science in Integrative Neuroscience

My research interests are: I chose data science as a career path because I enjoy solving problems. Data science allows me to use my programming, statistics, and research experience to provide unique solutions to current and future problems in any domain.

Thesis advisor: Nicholas Jacobson

Advisor's Lab:   Jacobson Lab

Research in Progress Title or Thesis Title?: Building a Machine Learning Based Recommender System for Scalable Personalized Major Depressive Disorder Treatment Allocation

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

I have technical expertise in : Python, R, SQL, Tableau

Other professional accomplishments of note:

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE Dartmouth College Research Analyst - Dr. Jane Hill SUNY Upstate Medical University Research Assistant - Dr. Jeffrey Pu

Links to publications:

Fellowships, Awards, Poster Sessions: NIH/NIDA: Science of Co-Occurring Disorders T32 Recipient

I chose QBS because: I chose QBS because the program offered a structured and rigorous path into the data science world through varied courses in both the theoretical and applied domain. Additionally the Dartmouth sense of community was unparalleled and exceeded my expectations.

Recreational Interests: I enjoy outdoor activities, working on personal programming projects or watching TV.

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