Lowrey Peyton

Hometown: Fairfax Station, Virginia

Undergraduate institution: Virginia Tech

Undergraduate major: Systems Biology

My research interests are: My research interests include bioinformatics, single-cell analysis, immunology, and vaccine research.

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: In my career, I hope to perform computational research that can boost our understanding of B cells/vaccines and inform the development of novel therapies.

I have technical expertise in: single-cell analysis, R, Python, high-performance computing, sequencing library preparation (10X and SmartSeq), PacBio sequencing.

I chose QBS because: The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the program is the ideal fit for me, considering my background in both wet-bench and bioinformatics research and my undergraduate studies in Systems Biology. The program will help me develop the necessary skills for a successful career in computational research.

Recreational Interests: Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking, baking, rowing, and hiking!

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