Liyang Yu

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Undergraduate institution: Johns Hopkins University

Undergraduate major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Graduate Study - Institution: Washington University at St. Louis (Biostatistics)

My research interests are: Cancer care and treatment
Improving patient outcomes
Application of novel statistical methods

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: I would like to work toward improving early disease detection and assist with discovery of treatments for various complex illnesses. In addition, I am interested in facilitating quality care management for chronic conditions.

I have technical expertise in : Biostatistics, Statistical programming (R, SAS, Python), Wet lab work

Other professional accomplishments of note:

I chose QBS because: Having had exposure to various research areas, I particularly enjoy working in an interdisciplinary position where I can bridge gaps between different fields of study. QBS offers me the perfect opportunity to sharpen skills in biostatistics, bioinformatics and epidemiology.

Recreational Interests: Cooking and eating with friends, hiking, movies, and meditating with my cat