Linda Ashlee Banks

Hometown:  Winder, Georgia (US)

Languages Spoken: English

Degree and Institution:  Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Engineering (University of Georgia)


Previous Work Experience:

Academic Track:  Epidemiology

Career Track:  Public Health Analyst

Career Interests:

Favorite Algorithm and/or gene:  OCA2

Technical Expertise:  R



My favorite scientist:  Barry Marshall

My favorite research paper:

Extracurricular Activities:  Horseback riding

Why QBS?.  I wanted to attend a well rounded program that would help me prepare for a career in the public health field. I felt that not only would I learn in the class, but I would also have the opportunity to research in the college and gain valuable experience

QBS MS Experience

QBS Electives


Favorite QBS Class:

Life at Dartmouth:

--When I am not in lab/school I like to hike and swim.