Connolly Carroll

Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia (US)

Languages Spoken: English

Degree and Institution:  Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Engineering, University of Georgia



Previous Work Experience:

  • Wellstar Kennestone Vascular Surgery Department - observational internship
  • New Materials Institute at UGA - lab assistant

Academic Track: Epidemiology

Career Track: Research

Career Interests: I hope to become an epidemic intelligence service officer at the CDC and research cancer or potentially infections diseases. I hope to be involved in research as well as work in a more active roll in epidemic management in times of crisis. I have a special interest in protecting vulnerable populations.

Favorite Algorithm and/or gene:  The CCR5 gene has the potential for a mutation, called delta 32, which confers immunity to HIV. I suppose that is my favorite gene, as I find this quite interesting. The mutation was discovered by studying populations of sex workers in Kenya and recipients of contaminated blood transfusions who appeared immune to HIV.

Technical Expertise:  R

Awards:   Dean’s List 2015-2016

My favorite scientist:  Alice Hamilton, a pathologist in the 1900s who focused on workplace safety and the dangers of industrial substances.

Favorite research paper:  Zhu, Z., Gorman, M., ... Chheda, M. (2017). Zika virus has oncolytic activity against glioblastoma stem cells. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 214(10), 2843-2857. doi: 10.1084/jem.20171093 I admire the creative thinking of this paper because it applies a low tech solution (an already existing virus) to a complex problem (a nearly inoperable type of cancer) by identifying a key trait of the virus (it does not attack developed cells).

Extracurricular Activities:  Rowing Team, Animal Shelter Volunteer

Why QBS?. This program seems to be right in line with the interests and job requirements of the CDC, where I have always wanted to work.

QBS MS Experience

QBS Electives


Favorite QBS Class:

Life at Dartmouth:

--When I am not in lab/school I run, do yoga, read, work with shelter dogs, row, paint, and play the ukulele.