Alos Diallo

Hometown: Boston, MA

Undergraduate institution: The University of Massachusetts Lowell

Undergraduate major: Bioinformatics (Biology), Philosophy

Graduate Study - Institution: Bioinformatics - Harvard University

My research interests are: I'm interested in applying statistical models to problems in immunology specifically cancer immunology. I am also interested in applying machine learning (language models) to the analysis of electronic health records.

Career track: Both Industry and Academia

My career goals are: I would like to work as a group leader at a major research institute or organization.

I have technical expertise in: Statistical modeling, full stack development, windows systems administration Programming languages: R, javascript, C, C#, python, bash, java Image analysis: Cell Profiler, ImageJ

Other professional accomplishments of note: Fellowships and Awards: Quantitative Biomedical and Data Sciences (QBDS) Research Award E.E. Just Liftoff
Fellowship Publications: A Diallo, CB Cavazzoni, JE Sun, PT Sage. Integration of Diverse Transcriptomics Datasets using Random Forest to Predict Universal Functional Pathways in Tfr Cells. Bioinformatics (Submitted November 29, 2021);
RN Ramirez, K Bedirian, SM Gray, A Diallo. DNA Rchitect: an R based visualizer for network analysis of chromatin interaction data. Bioinformatics (Published January 15, 2020);
Rachel L Clement, Joe Daccache, Mostafa T Mohammed, Alos Diallo, Bruce R Blazar, Vijay K Kuchroo, Scott B Lovitch, Arlene H Sharpe, Peter T Sage. Follicular regulatory T cells control humoral and allergic immunity by restraining early B cell responses. Nature Immunology (Published September 02, 2019);
CE Lange, SH Jennings, A Diallo, J Lyons. Canine papillomavirus types 1 and 2 in classical papillomas: High abundance, different morphological associations and frequent co-infections. The Veterinary Journal (Published August 01, 2019);
Peter T. Sage Shenda Hou, Rachel L. Clement, Alos Diallo,Bruce R. Blazar,Alexander Y. Rudensky,Arlene H. Sharpe. FoxP3 and Ezh2 regulate Tfr cell suppressive function and transcriptional program. The Journal of Experimental Medicine (Published January 31, 2019);
Christian E. Lange, Alos Diallo, Christine Zewe, Lluis Ferrer. Novel Canine Papillomavirus Type 18 Found in Pigmented Plaques. Papillomavirus Research (Published August 31st, 2016);
Shitao Li, Lingyan Wang, Bishi Fu, Michael A. Berman, Alos Diallo, and Martin E. Dorf. TRIM65 regulates microRNA activity by ubiquitination of TNRC6. PNAS (Published April 3rd, 2014);
Juan I Fuxman Bass, Alos Diallo, Justin Nelson, Juan M Soto, Chad L Myers & Albertha J M Walhout. Using networks to measure similarity between genes: association index selection. Nature Methods (Published November 26, 2013);
John S. Reece-Hoyes, Carles Pons, Alos Diallo, Akihiro Mori, Shaleen Shrestha, Sreenath Kadreppa, Justin Nelson, Stephanie DiPrima, Amelie Dricot, Bryan R. Lajoie, Philippe Souza Moraes Ribeiro, Matthew T. Weirauch, David E. Hill, Timothy R. Hughes, Chad L. Myers, Albertha J.M. Walhout. Extensive Rewiring and Complex Evolutionary Dynamics in a C. elegans Multiparameter Transcription Factor Network Molecular Cell (Published June 20th, 2013);
J Reece-Hoyes, A Diallo, B Lajoie, A Kent, S Shrestha, S Kadreppa, C Pesyna, J Dekker, C Myers & AJ Walhout. Enhanced yeast one-hybrid (eY1H) assays for high-throughput gene-centered regulatory network mapping. Nature Methods (Published 30th October 2011).

I chose QBS because: I was drawn to the faculty and the interdisciplinary aspect to the program. I like that I can explore areas that I am not particularly strong.

Recreational Interests: Walking, Squash, basketball, and golf, learning Chinese, reading Philosophy

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