Aidan Cook

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Undergraduate institution: University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate major: Biological Sciences; Applied and Computational Math and Statistics (supplementary major)

My research interests are: I am interested in harnessing genomic and transcriptomic data to identify pathways involved in disease progression. I am also interested in exploring how the diverse applications of CRISPR-Cas technologies may contribute to this aim.

Thesis Advisor and Lab: Dr. Aaron McKenna

Career track: Industry

My career goals are: I hope to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained from QBS to novel biological contexts such that I can build finished projects and see the impacts of my work.

I have technical expertise in : R, Python, molecular genetics wet lab techniques

Other professional accomplishments of note: Burroughs-Wellcome Fund Big Data in the Life Sciences Scholar

I chose QBS because: I chose QBS because of its interdisciplinary nature. The program's coursework and faculty expertise complement the burgeoning demand for computational approaches in biological research. The faculty and students could not have been more welcoming!

Recreational Interests: I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, finding new hiking trails in the area, and staying up to date with football news and stats.

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