Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Prfessional Headshot of Meagan Stabler, Ph.D

Meagan Stabler


Executive Director

Meagan’s career has centered on serving rural communities and marginalized populations through applied public health research collaborations. She is excited to bring her previous experience as a Senior Research Scientist and Research Grant Program Director to the NNE COOP PCBRN team. While she welcomes all research topics, she is especially interested in the intersection of maternal and child health, injury prevention, and neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome.

Maureen Boardman


Clinical Research Director

The 30+ years as a Family Nurse Practitioner has only increased Maureen’s passion for bringing research that matters directly to health care workers and their patients. She continues to pursue life-long learning and engages in research with a particular interest in engaging other nurse practitioners in research. In addition to her role as Director, you can find her practicing at Little Rivers Health Care, teaching at Geisel School of Medicine, or serving as an advisor at the Dartmouth Cancer Center.

Neil Korsen

Co-Scientific Research Director 

 Neil shares his research experience in behavioral health, primary care, shared decision-making, patient engagement, and quality measurement with the NNE CO-OP PCBRN. He is also a Physician Scientist for the Center for Interdisciplinary Population and Health Research. With over 20 years of experience as a Family Physician and Geriatrician in rural Maine, Neil is experiences in bringing research to health care workers

Headshot of Charlie MacLean

Charles MacLean

Co-Scientific Research Director

Charles, or ‘Charlie’ as most of his colleagues know him as, serves as a Professor of Medicine for the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. He is also the Co-founder of Patient Engagement Systems and has over 30 years of clinical practice in Adult Primary Care Internal Medicine for the University of Vermont Medical Center. His primary research interests are in population health, social determinants of health, and translational science.

Zoe Daudier

Clinical Research Coordinator

After graduating from Colby-Sawyer with her Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Zoe wanted to find a career that could make a difference in people’s lives. Her research interests are broad and makes her enthusiastic and always on the look out for the next CO-OP project. She is hard at work ensuring patients have no issues with on-going research and that administrative deadlines are met. Zoe also lends her talents to the Department of Community and Family Medicine’s Academic Support Hub (ASH).

Troi Perkins

Research Consultant

Following the completion of her Master’s of Environmental Science and Master’s of Forestry degrees at Duke University, Troi returned to the NNE CO-OP PCBRN to oversee research design and analysis. She also coordinates the CO-OP’s Annual Meeting and moonlights as the CO-OP’s website administrator. You can find her working part time in the Environmental Conservation field and as Farm Manager for Fales Farm in Sharon Vermont.

Professional portrait of Paula Hudon

Paula Hudon

Research Project Manager

Dr. Hudon’s career in nursing spans over 35 years, from Emergency Nursing to staff development and education, to now research. Her emphasis most recently is on examining and translating evidence into clinical practice, directing interprofessional education, and expanding student affiliation opportunities .She collaborates closely with institutional and community colleagues of the NNE CO-OP PCBRN and leads implementation of research project activities.