Meet our Board

Meet Our Board of Advisors

headshot of Karl Dietrich

Karl Dietrich MD, MPH

New Hampshire Representative

Primary Care Physician at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene, NH

Headshot of Kerry Nolte

Kerry Nolte PhD, FNP-C

New Hampshire Representative

Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of New Hampshire

Patricia Edwards MD

New Hampshire Representative

Working at Concord Pediatrics since 1986

headshot of a cartoon owl in a suit

Open Vacancy

New Hampshire Representative

Who will this be? Time will tell!

Christina Holt MD, MSc

Maine Representative

Family Medicine Physician and Health Services Researcher

headshot of greg ferro

Greg Feero MD, PhD

Maine Representative

Research Director at Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency

headshot Jessica Bloom-foster

Jessica Bloom-Foster MD, FAAFP

Maine Representative

Director of Clinical Research and Chief of Family Medicine at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

headshot of Joe DeKay

Joseph 'Joe' DeKay DO

Maine Representative

Family Medicine Specialist in Hiram, ME

Gary Stein PhD

Vermont Representative

Chair of the Department of Biochemistry at University of Vermont 

Jan K. Carney MD, MPH

Vermont Representative

Associate Dean for Public Health & Health Policy at University of Vermont

Open Vacancy

Vermont Representative

The purrfect person is on the way

Open Vacancy

Vermont Representative

Don’t moose the announcement that is coming soon

Elisabeth B. Wilson

Ex-officio Member

Chair of the Department of Community and Family Medicine and provider at Dartmouth Health

Prfessional Headshot of Meagan Stabler, Ph.D

Meagan Stabler


Ex-officio Member

Executive Director for the

Maureen Boardman


Ex-officio Member

Clinical Research Director for the NNE CO-OP PCBRN and provider at Little Rivers Health Care in Vermont

Neil Korsen

Ex-officio Member

Scientific Research Director and Maine CTR Liaison for the NNE CO-OP PCBRN

Emeritus Board of Advisors

John 'Jack' Kirk

Family Medicine Clinician in New London, NH

headshot of peter mason

Peter Mason

Family Physician at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, NH and Assistant Professor at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth