The Dartmouth MD-PhD Undergraduate Summer (MPUS) Fellowship Program is an educational initiative aimed at exposing undergraduates across the US interested in medical science to the vibrant career pathway of the physician-scientist. To this end, the MPUS Fellowship program highly encourages applications from undergraduate students from all every segment of society who are interested in pursuing a dual MD-PhD degree pathway.

During this 8-week fellowship running from mid-June until mid-August, Fellows will be exposed to basic medical science research by conducting innovative research alongside one of our MD-PhD students presently in the PhD portion of their training. Additionally, Fellows will have the opportunity to examine the clinical aspect of medicine during weekly rounds with one of Dartmouth's illustrious clinical faculty at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC). Finally, Fellows will be exposed to the wonderful community of MD-PhD students at Dartmouth and get to better understand the role of, and opportunities available to, the physician-scientist in training. Who knows? This could be you in the very near future!

If this appeals to you, then do apply! We look forward to reading your application.