Q: When does the MPUS Fellowship start?
A: The Fellowship will start in mid June, about a week following campus commencement. Accepted Fellows will be notified of the exact start date.

Q: How long is the MPUS Fellowship?
A: 8 weeks

Q: How many students apply to the MPUS Fellowship?
A: Typically 100-150 applicants per year.

Q: How many students are accepted into the MPUS Fellowship?
A: Between 2-5 students per year.

Q: What is the admissions process for the MPUS Fellowship?
A: Applications are accepted up until the deadline, at which time the directors make initial selections. These selected applicants will receive an invitation to interview by phone or Skype. Offers will subsequently be made to accepted Fellows, who will be notified of their acceptance by mid-March.

Q: If offered an interview, how can I best prepare?
A: There is no sure-fire way to prepare for the interview. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you as a potential MPUS Fellow.

Q: Are International students on F-1 visa eligible to apply?
A: No. At the present time, Fellows need to be either permanent residents or US citizens.

Q: How much is the summer stipend?
A: $1000

Q: Will I get to work with patients during this Fellowship?
A: Yes! Fellows will get to work closely with one of the faculty at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) for one afternoon a week during your stay here.

Q: I am a rising senior thinking of taking a year off for research before applying to MD-PhD programs. Can I still apply?
A: No. This Fellowship is primarily targeted at undergraduates who will still be in school upon completion of the summer fellowship.

Q: My GPA is slightly lower than 3.3. What are my chances of getting accepted if I apply?
A: While GPA is a factor for acceptance into the fellowship, other factors of your application are also considered. With a slightly lower GPA than required, your chances of acceptance are higher if the rest of your application is strong.

Q: Can I have my recommenders mail their letters to your contact address?
A: No. We strongly encourage receiving your recommendations by e-mail for 2 reasons: 1) It reduces the paper trail; and 2) It allows us to more easily confirm receipt of the recommendation letter.

Q: What is expected by the application deadline?
A: All application materials must be submitted by the deadline. This includes recommendation letters. Applications not completed by the due date will not be considered.

Q: How can I know if my application is complete?
A: Applicants are welcome to check the status of their application by emailing us at

Q: I am a non-graduating senior with little research background. Should I still apply?
A: By senior year, applicants are expected to have had some exposure to research in order to be accepted as Fellows. In such instances, it would be wisest to take time off to engage in intensive research opportunities available at your institution if you intend to apply to MD-PhD programs in the future.