About the Program


During the 8 weeks at Dartmouth, MPUS Fellows will be engaged in the following:

  1. Meaningful scientific research endeavors:
    Fellows will carry out research in a Geisel School of Medicine research laboratory. Each MPUS Fellow will be paired with a Geisel MD-PhD trainee currently engaged in bench-top or computational research. This individual will serve as the Fellow's immediate mentor.

  2. Direct exposure to clinical medicine:
    Fellows will spend one afternoon per week shadowing a physician. This will provide Fellows the opportunity to observe medicine in practice and to see first-hand how medicine and science intersect.

  3. Developing skills in scientific communication:
    At the end of the summer, the MPUS Fellow will present his/her experiences in two ways:
    • In poster form at a forum that includes other undergraduates conducting summer research at Dartmouth. This may be substituted with a national symposium presentation if the student is part of a program (i.e. MARC) that provides such a culminating summer presentation effort.
    • The MPUS Fellow will give a 20 - 30 min presentation of his/her experience in the summer fellowship to students, faculty and administrators of the MD-PhD program at Dartmouth.
  4. Participation in career planning:
    Fellows will meet individually with the Directors of the MPUS Fellowship, the Director of the MD-PhD Program, and with a Dartmouth College Premedical Advisor, to take place both at the beginning of the summer, and again at the end. The Directors/Advisor will take the opportunity to get to know you, to understand your career objectives, and to make specific recommendations. MPUS Fellows will also learn specifically about the process of applying to MD-PhD programs.

  5. Enjoyment of social interactions:
    Fellows will get to interact directly with current MD-PhD trainees through participation in summer gatherings, hiking trips, and other events geared at exposing you to the vibrant life of MD-PhD training at Dartmouth.

Application Requirements

What We'll Provide

During the Fellowship, we will provide the following: