Potential Research Mentors and Labs

MPUS Fellows can work in many different laboratories at Geisel. We will do our best to match you with labs aligned with your research interests that a current MD-PhD student is already in. MPUS fellows also have the option of working in other laboratories at Geisel that better suit their interests. In this case, an MD-PhD student outside of the lab will be matched as a mentor and provide guidance and support outside of lab work.

Here are some links to explore research interests and possibilities at Dartmouth.

Past MPUS Fellows have worked with the following principal investigators: Margaret Ackerman, PhD, Brock Christensen, PhD, Barbara Jobst, MD, PhD, Yina Huang, PhD, Arminja Kettenbach, PhD, David Leib, PhD, Dale Mierke, PhD, Todd Miller, PhD, and others.