Lab Members

Lab Members 2022
Lab photo 2022: Hannah, Rachel, Jamie, Maddie, Sarah, and Kristi

Current Members

Jamie Moseley - PI
Rachel Berg - Graduate Student
Madeline Chrupcala - Graduate Student
Sarah Vandal - Graduate Student
Kristi Miller - Postdoctoral Researcher
Hannah Opalko - Postdoctoral Researcher

Past Members

Corey Allard, Ph.D. - Graduate Student, 2014-2019. Current: Postdoc at Harvard
Suzanne Baldissard - Research Technician, 2011-2014. Current: Physician Assistant
Marielle Brady - Research Technician, 2017-2019. Current: Graduate student at USC
Lin Deng, Ph.D. - Graduate Student, 2011-2015. Current: Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, China
Ruth Kabeche, Ph.D. - Graduate Student, 2011-2015. Current: Scientist at Synthego Corporation
Mid Eum Lee, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Researcher, 2015-2018. Current: Scientist II at Aromyx Corporation
Joe Magliozzi, Ph.D. - Graduate Student, 2016-2021. Current: Postdoc at Brandeis University
Noelle Picard - Research Technician, 2019-2021. Current: Field Research Assistant
Katie Schutt - Graduate Student, 2015-2020. Current: Postdoc at University of Vermont