Injuries and Temporary Conditions

Temporary conditions such as broken bones, concussions, surgeries, or acute illnesses are generally not regarded as disabilities, as the degree of functional limitation and the duration (generally shorter than 6 months) of such impairments are usually not substantial enough to be considered a disability as defined by law. Temporary conditions that occur during a student’s tenure, however, may adversely affect a student's ability to fully participate in their program. At present, students may also be experiencing significant anxiety and/or depression related to COVID-19 or could become infected with COVID-19, which may warrant the provision of temporary academic adjustments or other supports.

Students experiencing a temporary condition that impacts their schooling are encouraged to contact the GSAS office to discuss possible remedies. In some cases, such conditions may fall under the purview of the pre-clincal or clinical illness policies.

Supportive measures related to routine pregnancy or an active Title IX case are coordinated through the Title IX office.