About Us

Our Beginning

The Dartmouth CO-OP Primary Care Practice-based Research Network (Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN) was founded in 1972 by enthusiastic primary care clinicians working towards improving the quality of healthcare.

We are considered the oldest primary care research network in the United States. As such we have an extensive voluntary cooperative network composed of primary care clinicians, other healthcare professionals, and patient and family representatives. Our members represent various clinics and communities within Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

We serve as an operational base for primary care clinicians, their practices, and their communities, to work together to answer community-based healthcare questions and translate research findings into practice. You can find us housed within the Department of Community & Family Medicine at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine.

What we do

Here at the Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN we value our clinicians and our community. It is our mission to bring clinicians together, help them formulate and carry out their research, and then report it back to the scientific community. What's more is that we don't stop there. We then help our clinicians not only connect with their local communities but get them and their communities involved in the work they are doing. We've realized that science alone isn't the answer. Thus we try to make our communities, the true stakeholders, a part of the continued research and quality improvement projects that our clinicians perform.