Lab Movies

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normal_chromosome_movement.jpgChromosome Movement in Human Cells Kid_inhibition.jpgChromosome Movement Following Kid Inhibition NuMA_HSET_inhibition.jpgChromosome Movement Following Spindle Pole Disruption
mitosis-GFP-DAPI.jpgVisualizing Mitosis with Fluorescent Probes spindle.jpgMicrotubule Behavior in Mitosis monastrol_washout.jpgTransition from Monopolar to Bipolar Spindle
microtubule_capture.jpgSpindle Assembly via Capture of Microtubule Minus Ends Aster_simulation.jpgComputer Simulation of Microtubule Aster Assembly GFPNuMA.jpgGFP-NuMA in mitosis
Polewards Microtubule Flux in Human U2OS CellsPolewards Microtubule Flux in Human U2OS Cells Chromosome movement and segregation visualized by GFP-Histone H2b in colon cancer cells HCT116GFP-Histone H2b in colon cancer cells Chromosomal InstabilityChromosomal Instability