Tutoring at the Geisel School of Medicine

The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth makes free tutoring available for first-year students (and occasionally second-year students) as necessary. Whereas all first-year courses offer some type of periodic group support,* there are students who find that ongoing tutorial assistance—one-on-one or in a very small group (2 students most often)—is helpful too.

Usually, tutors are second-year Geisel School students, but they may be fourth-year Geisel School students, MD-PhD students, or graduate students from the various sciences as well.

Requesting a Tutor

Becoming a Tutor

Tutors and tutees are expected to behave respectfully toward one another at all times. This includes showing up on time and well prepared for each session.

* Students who are finding a particular course challenging are always encouraged to talk with the faculty of that department individually. The Geisel School of Medicine prides itself on approachable faculty members.

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