Welcome to Geisel’s MD Program!

Welcome to the Geisel School of Medicine MD Program! We are thrilled to introduce you to our close-knit, highly dedicated, and supportive community of faculty and medical education professionals. Our team is here to help you to reach your goals and succeed in your unique pathway to academic excellence in medicine. Please take some time to explore our website which highlights the excellent work of our teams and how they will be will be instrumental in supporting you as you map out and achieve your career goals. We know that you will enjoy getting to know them during your time at Geisel!

It is our privilege to be a part of your educational journey, witnessing your extraordinary growth, as you make contributions to education, innovation, research, and scholarship. Our faculty and medical education professionals are committed to our goal of assuring that each of our graduates is well-prepared to address the evolving health needs of the patients and populations they will serve, with a broader goal of providing an educational experience that will empower Geisel graduates to attain health equity for our diverse patient populations, here at home and more globally.

As you embark on this very special educational journey with this community, we encourage you to be partners in your educational program. We value the input of our students and take great pride in the collaboration that exists in our policy development and program improvement. Our Geisel students are our colleagues from the time of matriculation, and we embrace the opportunity to share this time with you. There are many ways to engage; from participating in committee work, to seeking office for a myriad of student government and leadership roles, to leading and participating in ad hoc working groups. Join us as we learn and grow together and share your ideas for quality improvement projects! Please take a look at our UME News link, to learn on a monthly basis about all that is new and exciting in the world of Geisel Undergraduate Medical Education; opportunities for engagement are frequently highlighted in this news publication.

Please stop by to visit us in the Remsen building in Hanover or reach out to our team at Geisel.OUME@Dartmouth.edu.

Once again, welcome to Geisel! We look forward to meeting you and working with you.


Sonia Nagy Chimienti, MD FIDSA
Professor of Medicine
Dean of Educational Affairs