Program Evaluation at Geisel

Geisel Evaluation Oversight Committee

To ensure the evaluation system at Geisel operates holistically across all four years, while enhancing utility, maintaining course and clerkship director autonomy, and upholding data integrity.

Purpose and Principles of Evaluation

Purpose for Evaluation at Geisel
Purpose for Evaluation

Geisel's Principles of Evaluation Integrity
Principles of Evaluation Integrity

Committee Members

Associate Dean, Clinical Education
Associate Dean, Medical Education Administration
Associate Dean, Preclinical Education
Chair, Medical Education
Chair, Medical Education Committee
Co-Director, Pre-Clinical Year II
Director, Computing at Geisel
Director of Evaluation and Assessment
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Student Representative(s)

Committee Initiatives

Phase I Student Evaluation Project
Each student within the Phase I curriculum is assigned to review and analysis student course evaluation feedback from one Phase I course throughout the Phase.

Goals of the Program include:

  • To provide students the experience of working with qualitative data
  • To inform students how course feedback is incorporated within courses and the curriculum
  • To enhance the quality and professionalism of student feedback