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The Jakubzick lab mainly focuses on understanding mononuclear phagocytes (MPs) in homeostasis and inflammatory conditions. However, sometimes science leads us into exciting new research areas, such as understanding the role of natural antibody-producing B cells in cancer and their effects on innate and adaptive immunity.

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Recent Publications

Coordinated chemokine expression defines macrophage subsets across tissues.
Li X, Mara AB, Musial SC, Kolling FW, Gibbings SL, Gerebtsov N, Jakubzick CV
Nat Immunol. 2024 Jun;25(6):1110-1122. doi: 10.1038/s41590-024-01826-9. Epub 2024 May 2.
PMID: 38698086

Natural antibodies drive type 2 immunity in response to damage-associated molecular patterns.
Mara AB, Rawat K, King WT, Jakubzick CV
JCI Insight. 2024 Mar 12;9(8) doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.177230. Epub 2024 Mar 12.
PMID: 38470489

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