Tom Palys, PhD

Tom Payls, PhD

Research Scientist/Biorepository Manager

Central Connecticut State University, BA 1994

Wesleyan University, PHD, 1998

US Army Command and General Staff College, 2007

Phone: 603-790-0493



Tom Palys is a Research Scientist and the Manager of Biorepository Core of the Center for Molecular Epidemiology at Dartmouth. In this capacity, he manages the routine receiving, processing, archiving and referring of epidemiological samples for analysis by outside analytical laboratories.  He also provides general management of the Core, including budgeting, cost estimating, ordering, ensuring laboratory quality, developing SOPS, coordinating with referral labs, scheduling and executing referral shipments, receiving resultant data, interfacing with financial and data managers, expanding laboratory capabilities and providing oversight to off-site Bioresource Storage Facility.  Additionally, he actively collaborates with investigators in their ongoing research providing consultation to projects regarding study experimental designs, lab related processes and analytical methodologies and in the development of resultant publications.  Dr. Tom Palys possesses over twenty years of professional experience in clinical and environmental microbiology, infectious disease, epidemiology and biobanking with over 25 professional publications and 5 patents in these fields and has worked in academic, industry and governmental contexts.  Dr. Palys collaboratively pursue research interests related to infectious disease and other epidemiological environmental health issues.