Meghan E. Muse, PhD

PhD, Dartmouth College, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences, 2021
BA, Dartmouth College, Biology, 2013

Dr. Meghan Muse’s current research focuses on infant exposures to maternal EV miRNA’s both in utero and after birth and their relation to early infant growth patterns. During her doctoral training in the Quantitative Biomedical Sciences program at Dartmouth, Dr. Muse studied early alterations to DNA methylation that occur during carcinogenesis both in breast cancer and melanoma. Within this work, she also developed novel libraries for the estimation of the cellular composition of breast and skin tissue from bulk DNA methylation data. Through her postdoctoral work, Dr. Muse is building upon work from early in her doctoral training assessing in utero exposures that influence infant growth in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study through the study of growth in the context of maternal EV miRNAs, a potential mediator of observed associations between environmental exposures and subsequent infant growth patterns.