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2020 Well-Wishes & Memories

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Please share your well-wishes, notes of congratulations and fond memories of the Class of 2020 using the comments section below or share them via Instagram using the hashtag #Geisel20s.

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  1. Brian Catlin, MD

    Congratulations to the wonderful class of 2020. It has been a pleasure and my privilege to have been associated with you all over the past three and a half plus years. I am deeply disappointed that I cannot celebrate your graduation ceremony with you in person, but I know you will be starting your careers in fine shape and will be accomplishing remarkable things in the coming years. Best wishes to every one of you, and do Geisel proud!

  2. bob arnot

    With COVID, you are entering the most exciting and interesting time in the history of medicine with staggering innovation and discovery in every imaginable field from immunology and epidemiology to ICU care and cardiology. There’s no better underpinning to a long and wonderful career than you’ll receive at Dartmouth.

  3. Roshini Pinto-Powell

    Congratulations Class of 2020. I just remembered your white coat ceremony alumni speaker an ophthalmologist said that you would need 20/20 vision to do your best work in medicine, but even with 20/20 vision, who would have predicted this strange end of med school? Nevertheless, as I think of each one of you, I know that you are all resilient and the kind of students that will rise to the occasion, continue to learn and grow and go on to be outstanding physicians. We at Geisel are proud of each one of you and sad that we cannot be with you personally on this momentous day in your lives. We will absolutely be there in spirit. Go forth and spread the light. Please keep in touch.
    Best always,

  4. Lisa V. Adams

    Congratulations to the amazing class of 2020! We celebrate your many accomplishments, your hard work and tenacity to get to this glorious moment, and are excited to see where your careers take you. It has been my greatest pleasure to work closely with some of you on our programs to promote health equity so I can confidently say our healthcare system is going to be in good hands! Our need to be physically distant/virtual makes this day no less special as you pause to reflect on your time at Geisel, the many cherished friendships you have forged, and the precious memories you have made. It is a remarkable time to be launching your careers and know that everyone at Geisel couldn’t be more proud of all you have done and what we know you will go on do. My heartfelt congratulations to all of you!

  5. Dennis Angellis, MD

    Congratulations to all the newly “minted” MD’s of Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth! Although I graduated way back in 1979, that day and it’s ceremony and celebration are burned in my memory. I truly wish you had the opportunity to have a real vs. virtual commencement and celebration. At the same time, be extremely proud of your accomplishment and best of luck to you as you make your way to your residency training programs! You will find the next 40 or so years of your lives to be truly remarkable!

  6. Jonathan M. Ross

    Congratulations to the class of 2020! I am so fortunate to have been able to have worked with many of you, and I once again marvel at your creativeness, competence and humanism as you prepare to launch on to your next chapters. You’ve enriched many lives, grown phenomenally, and will no doubt make a difference throughout your own lives. What a privilege to meet you, learn from you, and walk with you, at least for a time, on your paths to knowledge, service and discovery. All the best!!

  7. Taryn Weinstein

    Congratulations Geisel Class of 2020! Your class is the first one that I’ve both welcomed in and had the pleasure of sending off. I’m so proud of the you all on this momentous occasion which is such a significant accomplishment even as we can’t gather in person to celebrate. It’s been a priviledge to watch you all grow and evolve throughout medical school. You are such a special group of individuals who will no doubt make your mark on the world. I’m sending you all warm wishes and hugs of congratulations as you head off into your residency. I can’t wait to see how you impact the world of healthcare! Keep in touch!

  8. Alan Rozycki, MD Geisel ‘63

    Go out into the wide, wide world and do your thing! Be safe, be careful, be understanding, be loving. Take care of yourseves as you care for others. Caring is curing!

  9. Margot Gueldenzoph

    Congratulations Class of 2020! Oh the places you will go… Good luck on the next chapter of your dream!

  10. Zachary Goode

    Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on your achievements and special shout out to the amazing Olivia Sacks as I know you will become an excellent leader in your future endeavors.

  11. Alison Holmes

    Dear Class of 2020,
    I am so proud of you and so excited for you. It breaks my heart that I can’t meet your families and give you big hugs as you go on your way. Big celebrations are one of my favorite things in life– and you so deserve this one. Please stay in touch and send updates on how you are doing. I know I don’t only speak for myself but for all the faculty and staff who are just thrilled when you send a not to us one, two, ten years later to let us know how you are doing. These little notes warm our hearts and keep us going. No note or accomplishment is too small. Though I am not “in the office” this week, I will definitely be tuning in live for the awards ceremony and for Class Day. I would not miss it for the world.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Holmes

  12. Andrea Wolffing

    Well done, Class of 2020! You are entering your respective fields at a challenging time, but I know you are up to the challenge. It has been an honor to work with you. I haven’t had that opportunity for all, but I sincerely wish you all well. Please, keep in touch. I am excited about your futures and look forward to hearing about your successes.
    With virtual hugs and handshakes,
    Dr. Wolffing

  13. Sarah G Johansen

    It is with great pride and with appreciation for the journey’s you’ve made that I offer congratulations as you complete medical school. This celebration of graduating and the bestowing of the MD degree is incredibly important, I appreciate the lost opportunity to celebrate together with your family, friends, faculty, and mentors and to share this special place with those you care about. It will come next year, but I’m sure it’s quite a disappointment. That being said your accomplishment does not go unnoticed and you deserve to feel incredibly proud of yourself. As a Colleague, Faculty member, Dartmouth Alumna I am especially proud.

    I know this is an odd transition, during COVID 2020, to the next phase of your amazing journey. But don’t move on without taking a moment to appreciate the gifts with which you have been blessed, experience gratitude for the support you received from your family, colleagues, and faculty, and reflect on the the amazing education and experiences you’ve been given. Consider the patients who have granted you a window into their lives through which they have taught you how to be compassionate, transforming not only your minds knowledge, your medical skills, but your heart as well.

    Go into residency knowing that you are supported by all those who have gone before you, the DMS/Geisel alumni, and now go forward representing this special place. You will be well received as you’ve been well trained and carry with you Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, a place well loved and respected. Be kind, know your patients well, reframe challenging experiences, knowing that you have the opportunity to change the mood within your sphere of influence by being a positive supportive team member, respecting your staff, nurses, always listening and being grateful for your patients.

    You really have been transformed into physicians, from day one until this time, you have cemented your values and talents, and you have matured into physicians with the knowledge base and the skills to go forward, worthy to be called “Doctor”. No one can ever take this away from you.

    Congratulations, It is not only what you have accomplished, but whom you have become. Go forward with confidence, humility and kindness.

    All my best to you,

    Sarah Johansen, MD DMS ’89/90

  14. Alex Thorngren

    Congratulations and best wishes as you each embark on your continuing journey of academic and clinical excellence.

  15. Patrick J Tolosky

    I just want to say thank you to all of the graduating class for putting so much time into our learning as 2021s, to all the events you organized to welcome us to this school and community and to keep our bonds strong throughout the preceding years, and to the role models you have been in the clinical realm and outside of our formal medical student roles. I am excited to soon step into a career with you all as colleagues. Be safe, find the moments of wonder and joy, feel the tough challenges and don’t forget to carve out a little time for yourselves each day because you deserve it and as Joe O’Donnell would say you are enough!!

    “Pay attention
    Be astonished
    Tell about it” ~ Mary Oliver

  16. Hal Manning

    Less than 4 years ago you entered medical school, knowing nothing about respiratory mechanics or gas exchange (V/Q mismatch), and now look at you — ready to go out and care for patients during what is certainly the most challenging time in recent memory. I have enjoyed our many interactions over the past years, and I am confident — actually, certain — that you are well prepared for internship and beyond. I know you are disappointed not to be able to celebrate the upcoming events in person with friends, family, and faculty, but that shouldn’t diminish the pride you take in your accomplishments (yes, graduating from medical school is a HUGE accomplishment). I look forward to seeing where your career paths take you (even if it’s not to pulmonary!)
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Manning

  17. David Nierenberg

    Dear Class of 2020,

    What an exciting day for each of you, even though we can’t all celebrate together in the same place. You have navigated a rigorous four (or more!) years of training, with grace and with your optimism and humanity intact. You were challenged by new rules for distance learning, but with your energy and passion for learning you made it work! I loved working with each of you in PBL, pharmacology, and most recently clinical pharmacology, and learned a lot from your essays and questions. While your specific plans for your chosen specialty within medicine may have changed over time, I hope that your passion for caring for each one of your patients is stronger than ever. Be good to yourself, so that you can be fully present for your patients. And remember, when you write each new prescription this coming year (and of course as you select the drug that is best for each patient!), I hope you will smile and celebrate how far you have traveled from your first day at Geisel years earlier, and strive to learn from each patient you have the privilege to serve.

    Best wishes for a wonderful residency experience! Welcome to your new life as a physician!

    Dr. Nierenberg

  18. Bill Eidtson

    Dearest Class of 2020! Well, what I can say? You did it. Few are more deserving of a hearty CONGRATULATIONS than all of you! Most of you began your Geisel journey the same year I arrived, which has afforded me the pleasure of witnessing your entire journey. I know it hasn’t been easy—nor should it have been—but the gritty and graceful manner by which you’ve weathered the intellectual and emotional challenges you’ve faced is both humbling and inspiring. Sharing knowledge and ideas with you, learning from you, laughing and crying with you, seeing you find your place and achieve your dreams—all these things are what keep me going. Thank you for allowing me to share in these experiences with you. But guess what: you’ve successfully navigated the Geisel gauntlet only to be thrust into a world burning with challenges unlike any we’ve seen in generations. So now I am counting on you to make the world better. Having witnessed what each of you are capable of, your character and brilliance, I am confident that you are up for the challenge. I know you won’t disappoint.

  19. Matt Mackwood

    Congratulations on your next stages! I had the pleasure of teaching many of you in Fam Med clerkship’s Population Health session – especially in this time of so much turmoil – medical complexity in addressing a pandemic, the role of emerging technology to radically “level the playing field” for equitable access (or to exacerbate it!), and the larger racial tensions in our society, you are in an amazing position to learn and grow with indelible marks on your generation of clinicians.

    I know many of you will seek to do more than care for your individual patients and charges; as we’ve discussed, never under-rate your ability to advocate for the common good of the populations you serve. Pick an interest, follow it when you can, show up best you can with residency and/or other demands on you, and you’ll swiftly find yourself able to nudge, and eventually lead, for the good.

  20. Seth McClennen

    Congratulations class of 2020!
    Twenty-three years ago we were in your shoes: young, optimistic (!), well trained (!!), enthusiastic (!!!), and maybe a bit tired. Only one thing has changed.
    You guys were built for this, go do what you were meant to do.
    Best wishes,
    Dr Martha C. Wu and Dr Seth McClennen
    DMS (Geisel) Class of 1997

  21. Lisa DiBrigida, MD DMS/Geisel '90

    Dear DMS Geisel Class of 2020,
    I recall your White Coat Ceremony as my daughter Sarah joined you in starting this awesome adventure. I remember thinking 20/20 vision indicates clarity, right? Ah, but 2020 had other plans for us, a bit of confusion and a bit of chaos.
    I had the pleasure of welcoming some of you to my office in Manchester as you got the opportunity to put your learning into practice. I so enjoyed all of our moments with patients, your insights into families and their needs, sharing your hopes and aspirations for your future careers and watching you hone your skills and really listen to the patients and their families. Little did we know that a Pandemic would mark the end of your DMS /Geisel adventure as it also marks the start of your Residency adventures. Practicing medicine is an adventure, it is also a privilege. Medical Practice in 2020 has a bright future as you all come into this field, bringing your wisdom, patience and desire to heal. Welcome! Be well and enjoy the ride!

  22. Chris LaRocca

    Congratulations, Geisel Class of 2020! You are all amazing and I know you will do great things…check that…all we can really do is small things with great love!
    Best wishes and stay in touch!

  23. Deborah Milkowski

    Congratulations to the Geisel Class of 2020! As you take the next bold step forward remember the reason that you chose medicine as a career and let that sentiment guide you during the good times and the not so good times. Rest assured that Dartmouth has prepared you exceptionally well not just for curing disease but for caring for your patients. All the best to each of you!

  24. Campbell Levy

    Whoa…. what a journey Class of 2020! Each of you has put forth your best efforts in readying yourself for the start of your careers as physicians. Indeed, each of you have the tools to provide meticulous care and the compassion to be a kind and persistent advocate for your patients. As a group collectively, you are patient, considerate, skeptical, and curious. That is how you weathered Capstone as the pandemic and its fall out unfurled before us with each passing day. While I know I will always associated the class of 2020 with COVID-19, I choose to remember how you all taught me how to take care of each other and persevere. These traits will make you leaders of your peers in residency and beyond – good ones at that! Relish the role and the responsibility. Geisel is fortunate and proud to have you, the class of 2020, as representatives. Thanks you guys! Stay in touch when you can and think of us every once in a while.

  25. Tom Kesman

    Dear Class of 2020-
    Without a doubt, you will never forget your graduation year! What a year it has been! Though a different end to your medical school education than you all anticipated, it should be just as sweet. You are extremely well prepared to go out into internship and continue your education. Though you will physically leave the friendly confines of Dartmouth, you will take Dartmouth with you everywhere you go. As an alum, you should feel proud of your education and accomplishments! Know that throughout your residency and even into practice, the alumni network is behind you. The whole network of alumni are just a phone call away. Never be afraid to reach out to others, and don’t forget to give back to current students.

    Congratulations on a job well done and best wishes on your upcoming frontier!

    Tom and Becky Kesman
    DMS/Tuck 2006 & DHMC IM 2006

  26. Jessie Reynolds, MD Family Medicine

    Congratulations to the Class of 2020. Can’t wait to see what amazing doctors you become… tomorrow! It will a pleasure to call you all colleagues.

  27. Adam Weinstein

    Congratulations Geisel Class of 2020! I have enjoyed and consider it one of the greatest privileges, working and learning with all of you. Your growth from entering medical students (who were already quite remarkable people) into caring, compassionate, and capable physicians is inspiring. I am so happy for your accomplishments and look forward to hearing, seeing, and/or reading about your future successes. As always, my best wishes and fondest thoughts, and of course, there’s that saying about children and little adults I know you will be taking with you and spreading the word. Congratulations! Adam

  28. John Houde '92

    Congratulations Class of 2020! We know that this is not the way your time at Geisel should have ended. It in no way shape or form diminishes your incredible accomplishments! We celebrate you and want you to feel celebrated! You most certainly deserve it! You will quickly realize how well prepared you are to tackle and conquer every difficulty and crisis medicine can possibly through at you, including a pandemic. By virtue of entering medicine during this time, you will all be specialist in Infectious Disease. You will be the leaders instructing the rest of us on how to safely and appropriately care for patients through any conditions what so ever. Please take care of yourselves. Please know you have many many alumni and friends who want to support you and watch you succeed. Please don’t ever feel alone and isolated, you most certainly are not. Please reach out to us at any time with any question or concern. You Rock!

  29. Michael Norman, '63

    Kudos to the Class of 2020! We welcome you with great expectations. and tell you that you are needed, all of you! Our nation and indeed the whole world hopes that your knowledge, thirst for continued learning, and excitement about new
    discoveries fuels your success on medicine’s endless journey. Make sure to always provide ample time to “listen and learn,” be honest and kind in all that you do, and most of all, defend/uphold/advance the critical importance of scientific\and medical truth. We sorely need it in these troubled times.

  30. Brenda Sirovich

    Dear Geisel 2020’s,
    Congratulations!!! As one lucky to have known you since near your start at Geisel, way back in Fall 2016 (or in many cases 2015), here’s what I think:
    WOW! What a wonderful journey.
    Look at who you’ve become and who you’ve become to each other, and to us.
    My, how you’ve grown! You’ve endured old Chilcott Lab and appreciated a raisin; you have calculated and collaborated, pitched and practiced, learned and led, shadowed and shaped your own adventure; you’ve cared for patients and for each other; you have changed and you have changed us . . . and we could not be more proud.
    CONGRATULATIONS to the Geisel Class of 2020! You’ve been MaD @Geisel—and we can’t wait to see what a difference you’ll go on to make beyond.

  31. Becky Swenson

    Congratulations, Class of 2020! It has been such a joy to watch you develop into such caring, compassionate, and phenomenal individuals. You are entering residency is a uniquely challenging time, but I do not know a class better equipped to face those challenges. The world will be a better place by the care you provide. You can be so very proud of all that you have accomplished. I know this is not the way that you envisioned celebrating this truly outstanding accomplishment, but please know that we are all cheering for you virtually and sending you many virtual hugs and handshakes! This is a momentous occasion, and we are celebrating you! Wishing you all the very best in your next endeavors. Know that there is always a Geisel community cheering for you the entire way. Congratulations!

  32. Virginia Lyons

    Graduation is a time when I remember sweet, tentative Y1 students and marvel at their transformation into mature, confident doctors. I am sad to miss the opportunity to witness this and say goodbye in person. Congratulations on all your accomplishments – you are special individuals who have made us proud. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you, learning with you and watching you grow. Please keep in touch and I look forward to hearing about your future endeavors.
    Best wishes,
    Dr. Lyons

  33. Joel Bradley

    Class of 2020,

    Congratulations. It has been a joy to share the practice of medicine with you, scattered across years and spaces. I am glad to say I’ve been able to learn alongside you, door to door, room to room. The simple entrustment always seems to be this: to leave medicine better than you found it, by increments. To be kind, humble, and aware that all people are your patients.

    In this poem, I think of you as interns, in bright, long coats destined for coffee stains and pen-marks, folded lists, the swish of purposeful stride – and here and there the hesitations and precious uncertainties you should always guard closely. For even as all the old qualities and assurances that carried you here become bolder and brighter – rightly – they do so only by the hand of study, practice, mentorship, and careful listening to the many important mistakes.

    so much depends

    a red wheel

    glazed with rain

    beside the white

    William Carlos Williams, “The Red Wheelbarrow” 1938

    I wish you all the best. Know that were are here for you.

  34. Maureen Boardman

    To the class of 2020, I am so proud of you and I am so sorry that you are missing out on the celebrations that you deserve after the past 4 years. I will miss seeing you more time, giving you a hug, celebrating your achievements with your families and friends. It has been a privilege and a honor to get to know you over the past 4 years. I know each one of you will do great things

  35. Lin Brown

    Congratulations to the class of 2020! What a beautiful day to celebrate. I want to give a special shout out to my On Doc group The Tiny Chicks who were a total delight to learn together with. I am doubly thrilled that some will remain at DH. Where ever your career know that you are only a Zoom away from the Upper Valley.

  36. Erik Kobylarz

    Congratulations class of 2020!
    We are very proud of all of you as you continue your pursuit of excellence during your promising careers during residency training. It was a great pleasure working with all of you over the years. All the best…!

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