Medical Student Triage Program

Program Description

The Medical Student Radiology Triage Program (MSRTP) began in September 2010. MSRTP students work with the on-call radiology resident triaging imaging study requests and answering pages from requesting providers. Geisel students who have completed their pre-clinical years (MD and MD/PhD students in the third year and above) are eligible to participate. Student duties include:

  • Answering calls from clinicians and other hospital personnel
  • Establishing the nature and urgency of imaging requests or inquiries
  • Gathering pertinent patient medical information (e.g. brief medical history, labs, prior imaging & workup)
  • Triaging all imaging requests and coordinating the approval, scheduling and protocoling of requests
  • Doing basic CT protocoling
  • Communicating results with the appropriate clinicians or clinical services


BOTH radiology and non-radiology residency applicants alike have noted several benefits from participating in the program. These benefits include:

  • Obtaining early, in-depth, hands-on exposure to the field of radiology in a dynamic, high-volume setting
  • Having the opportunity to network within the DHMC Department of Radiology and learn about life as a radiology resident
  • Developing "consultant" skills useful when working with clinicians dealing with high-acuity patients
  • Acquiring knowledge of the appropriate indications for various imaging studies in order to prepare for a future career outside of radiology
  • Participating in an extracurricular activity which serves as an asset on CVs and as a point of conversation during residency interviews
  • Receiving financial compensation for a clinically educational experience


Triage students are fully supported by the house staff and faculty when on call. New members are provided a triage manual with detailed guidelines for managing commonly encountered requests and are required to shadow a current MSRTP student before working shifts independently. Students are compensated at a rate of $10/ hour and are considered employees of Dartmouth College. Each student is asked to sign up for a minimum of 5 shifts per year. Shift hours are:

  • 5 PM- 10 or 11 PM Monday-Friday
  • 2 PM- 9 PM Saturday-Sunday and on some holidays

Please contact Khushboo Jhala, DMS, if interested in participating or for additional information.

For New Members

Manuals and Templates