Information for Potential Radiology Residency Applicants

Program Coordinator
Jill Rosenthal

Diagnostic Program Director
Stephanie Yen, MD

Diagnostic Assistant Program Directors
Timothy Rooney, MD
David Pastel, MD

Interventional Program Director
Eric Hoffer, MD

Program Size
2 interventional track residents/year
3 general diagnostic residents/year

Program summary
The Dartmouth Hitchcock Radiology Residency Program offers a unique blend of first-rate radiology training at a state of the art facility in a location conducive to a wonderful quality of life. The small size of our program allows for a resident-centric experience and opportunity for hands-on, active learning.

We have received ACGME accreditation for our integrated IR residency program, as well as for early specialization in interventional radiology program (ESIR).

For a comprehensive description of our residency and program, please visit The Radiology Residency Program Overview.

Fellowship programs
Neuroradiology - 1/year
Cross sectional imaging - 1/year
MRI - 1/year
VIR - 2/year

We accept applications between September 15th and November 1st. We invite applicants for a personal interview between November 1 and January 21st.