VIR Nursing: Pre-procedure SOP labs for IR procedures

Procedures that do not require labs:

  • Biliary tube check with exchange
  • G - Tube exchange/ GJ tube exchange
  • Nephrostomy tube exchange
  • Temporary central line placement - non tunneled line
  • Tubal catheterization
  • RF greater saphenous vein ablation

Procedures that require labs:

Procedures or Indication Study Required Min. days prior Notes
All biopsies platelets, PT/INR (bone bx add CBC within 30 days) 60  
adrenal/renal vein sampling Creatinine 60  
angiography (includes peripheral/cerebral) Platelets, PT/INR, PTT, BUN/Creatinine (cerebral Add CBC) 30  
non-liver bland embolization (includes UAE) Platelets, PT/INR, PTT, BUN/Creatinine 60 (was 30)  
liver embolization (chemo/Y90/bland) CBC, electrolytes, BUN/Creatinine, PT/INR, PTT, Hepatic Function Panel 14 For chemo embo-labs ordered and drawn within 2 weeks prior per Associate providers - do not send these pt to the lab unless specifically ordered
cholangiogram (PTC) +/- drain platelets, PT/INR, hepatic function panel (had CBC, BUN, Creat within 2 weeks) 30  
dialysis catheter placement / fistulogram potassium 7 If not dialized within 7 days prior to procedure
discogram PT/INR, platelets 30  
foreign body removal platelets, PT/INR, creatinine 60  
G-tube/ GJ tube placement platelets, PT/INR 60  
transhepatic portal venogram platelets, PT/INR 60  
intravascular contrast media (EXCEPTION: dialysis pts) BUN/creatinine 30  
IVC/SVC filter placement if done by vascular: BUN/creat
if done by IR: platelets, PTT, PT/INR, BUN/creat


mediport or tunneled catheter placement platelets, PT/INR 60  
mediport removal platelets, PT/INR 60  
new renal access nephrostomy tube +/- stent platelets, PT/INR 60  
percutaneous drainage (include para, thora, chest tube, pleurx, tunneled abdominal catheter) platelets, PT/INR 60  
radiofrequency ablation (RFA) liver/renal/lung done with anesthesia    
spinal arteriogram CBC, PT/INR, PTT, BUN/creat 60  
synovial cyst aspiration/rupture platelets, PT/INR 60  
hepatic function panel


vascular agrams BUN, serum creatinine 60 if not previously obtained by vascular surgery (check scanned documents)
venogram upper/lower platelets
BUN/creat, PT/INR
vertebroplasty CBC, PTT,PT/INR 30  
Wada test CBC, PT/INR, PTT, BUN/creat 30