Central Venous Catheters

What type of line should be placed?

  1. Who needs a temporary line?
    1. Patients requiring stem cell HARVEST who could not be harvested via peripheral line
    2. Patients with +blood cultures, but need hemodialysis or other treatment
    3. Patients needing urgent or emergent pheresis
    4. Patients needing dialysis or other treatment, who have low platelets or high INR
    5. Patients with poor peripheral venous access (7Fr triple lumen). We don't see these requests often as they are either placed on the floors/units, or patients get PICCs.
  2. Who needs a tunneled central venous catheter?
    1. Patients requiring stem cell TRANSPLANT. These patients are admitted to the hospital following line placement, and stay 3-4 weeks.
    2. Patients requiring plasma or photopheresis. We use dialysis catheters for pheresis as lumens are much larger
    3. Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension who require around the clock Milrinone (we use a single lumen catheter for these)
    4. Patients with Prostate cancer requiring the 6 week Provenge therapy
    5. Long term abx (usually single lumen)
    6. Access for TPN (usually single lumen)