Resident training and MQSA requirements:
Residency training must involve a minimum of 12 full-time-equivalent weeks of clinical training in breast imaging during the entire 4-year residency. The initial month of breast imaging training is in the second year of residency. The last month of breast imaging training is given in the last 6 months of residency, to meet the MQSA initial-experience requirement for the direct supervision of at least 240 mammography interpretations within 6 months of beginning independent interpretation of mammography examinations.

Screening Goals:
Rotation 1: 14 sessions per rotation, total screening goal 400 (30 per session)
Rotation 2: 12 sessions per rotation, total screening goal 480 (40 per session)
Rotation 3: 10 sessions per rotation, total screening goal 450 (45 per session)

Screening Protocol:

  1. Residents review that day's studies, not the prior days - 2/3 are done by 1pm, and the resident can read additional sheets as they become available during the afternoon
  2. Sign in with the techs/techs login
  3. The resident will use the screening sheets from the current day, aiming to get through most of the current day's studies
  4. Residents identify their CBs on the sheet and must also identify those that they DO NOT call back (for numbers). Any CB needs to have the site and abnormality identified.
  5. Mark the area (using circle or freehand tool in toolbox) that you are concerned about on the images on the workstation for CBs but don't print
  6. Staff screening the next day checks this list during or at end of session and reviews resident CBs
    a. Identifies studies that they called back and resident didn't.
    b. Adds comments to resident if they did not agree with resident CB (there is room on current sheet)
  7. Karen or alternate will bring a copy of this sheet back to the dx area and put in the resident plexiglass box.
  8. Resident has responsibility to look through this sheet, call up and review any discordant CBs (either staff CB that you did not CB or vice versa).
  9. Any questions, please review and discuss with (preferably) screening staff and get signed as soon as possible after screening session. If screening staff not available, discuss issues with diagnostic staff. The sheet must be signed to count towards screening total.