Admitting a Patient

  1. Go to Patient Station and type in the medical record number for the patient.
  2. Then select "Admission" Encounter with the "Admitted" status. If the status is not "Admitted" you will need to call Patient Placement at extension 55987 AND REQUEST A "VIRTUAL BED". Do not start the orders until the "Admitted" section is there.
  3. Then go to the Admission tab (blue column) and click.
  4. In the white column click on "Admit Order Reconciliation". Then follow steps 1-5 at the top of the screen.
  5. Sign and hold orders with the Phase of Care " Recovery Hospital Unit."

Helpful Order Sets:

  • Angio post procedure set
  • PCA order set
  • General Surgery Admission Set (Good order set; just omit what we would not use)
  • Coiling Order Set
  • Insulin Order Set

Don't forget:

  • drain / tube care orders
  • foley care
  • diet
  • activity