MS Epidemiology Elective Courses

Quantitative Biomedical Science (choose at least three):

  • QBS 100: Molecular Basis of Human Disease
  • QBS 110: Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar
  • QBS 110.5: Integrative Biomedical Sciences Seminar Project
  • QBS 122: Biostatistics III: Modeling Complex Data
  • QBS 132-2: Molecular Biologic Markers in Human Health Studies Lab
  • QBS 134: Topics in Epidemiology
  • QBS 147/BIOL 47: Genomics: From Data to Analysis
  • QBS 175/COSC 175: Foundations of Bioinformatics II
  • QBS 176: Methods in Statistical Genetics and Genomics
  • QBS 177/MATH 177: Methods of Statistical Learning for Big Data
  • QBS 180: Data Visualization and Exploratory Statistics
  • QBS 195: Independent Study
  • QBS 270:  Epidemiology Journal Club (Fall)
  • QBS 271: Advanced Epidemiology Journal Club: Mircrobiome

Additional Electives (choose remaining):

Seek administrative approval for non-listed electives. Please email Dr. Kristine Giffin for additional information.