Past Events

View recordings and slides from our DCIS Fundamentals seminars and other events.

Fundamentals Seminars (2024)

Application of the RE-AIM/PRISM Framework to Promote Health Equity
Christina Studts, PhD and Samantha Harden, PhD

Recording | Slides

Measuring Implementation Context, Process, and Outcomes
Katharine Rendle, PhD, MPH, MSW
April 2024
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From Concept to Impact: Exploring Implementation Models and Frameworks
Sara Malone, PhD, LCSW
March 2024
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Five Considerations for Formulating an Implementation Science Research Question
Kelly Aschbrenner, PhD
February 2024
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Master of Implementation Science: Overview of the Proposed Program
Jeremiah Brown, PhD
January 2024
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Guest Presentations (2024)

The Stages of Implementation Completion (SIC): Unpacking an Assessment Tool to Measure the Progression of an Evidence-Based Program Through Implementation Stages
Lisa Saldana, PhD
May 2024
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 (coming soon)

Implementation Science for Global Health: NIH Fogarty's Perspective
Rachel Sturke, PhD
Acting Deputy Director, NIH Fogarty International Center
February 2024
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Fundamentals (2023)

Implementation Science Theories, Models, and Frameworks
Jeremiah Brown, PhD, Sarah Lord, PhD, and Kelly Aschbrenner, PhD
September 2023

Fundamentals of Implementation Science
Jeremiah Brown, PhD, Sarah Lord, PhD, and Kelly Aschbrenner, PhD
April 2023

Guest Presentations (2023)

CFIR 2.0: The Updated Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research
Caitlin Reardon, MPH and Shari Rogal, MD, MPH
November 2023

Advancing Implementation Science in Health: An NIH Perspective
David Chambers, DPhil
Deputy Director for Implementation Science, National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH)
May 2023