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Valeriya Posternak

Valeriya Posternak is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine at Dartmouth College. Valeriya is originally from New Jersey where she obtained her BS in Microbial Biotechnology from Rutgers University. Her research was focused on isolating and characterizing bacteria that reduce either selenate or arsenate to less toxic forms and the potential use of these as a tool for the bioremediation of contaminated water sources. Her passion for cancer research motivated her to continue her education at Dartmouth in Dr. Mike Cole's lab. In her spare time, Valeriya enjoys running, traveling, painting, and spending time with her German shepherd, Shire.

Research Interests
cancer genetics and biochemistry; molecular therapeutics; cancer biology; gene regulation; tumor immunology

Research Summary
MYC is generally known for its role as a transcription factor where it upregulates or represses expression of its target genes 1.5-2 fold. Recent studies have prompted us to explore a MYC post-transcriptional mechanism of action. In the Cole lab, I am studying the effect of the MYC oncogene on cap methylation as a potential post-transcriptional mechanism by which MYC overexpression leads to the upregulation of numerous genes in cancer. Using genome-wide techniques, I hope to determine what genes are targeted for cap methylation by MYC and the mechanism behind this phenomenon.