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Nadia Cumbal

Nadia is a third-year student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology program at Dartmouth College. She was born and raised in Ecuador, where she also got her undergraduate degree in Biotechnology. After working as a lab assistant in the area of clinical cytogenetics and teaching assistant in Biology back in her country, she arrived to Dartmouth to continue her studies and focus her research in the genetic mechanisms of cancer predisposition. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, teaching herself how to play guitar and glancing at the pages of the latest National Geographic issue.

Research Interests
In general, my interests involve transcriptional regulation, chromatin architecture, distal regulatory elements and copy number alterations in the context of carcinogenesis.

Research Summary
My first current project explores the role of proximal promoter architecture in the regulation of myc expression.
My second current project studies a SNP-dependent mechanism of prostate cancer predisposition.