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Dustin Elwood

Prior to arriving at Dartmouth, I received a BS in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology at University of New Hampshire. There I studied the effects of seasonal changes on Tor signaling and nutrient storage in the green sea urchin Stronglyocentrotus droebachiensis. To this end, I worked to identify the Tor gene sequence and expression level changes in nutritive phagocytes of the gonads in the Charles W. Walker Ph.D. laboratory. When I am not working I try to be outside as much as possible through skiing, hiking, and trail running.

Research Interests
genetic mechanisms of cancer; human evolution and disease; genome-wide views of specific phenotypes/questions

Research Summary
Currently in the Cole lab, I am working on determining the minimal Myc protein that will rescue Myc's pro-growth phenotype. Through mutational and genomics approaches I hope to determine a minimal Myc target set as a way to clarify which of Myc's target genes play the most essential role in promoting proliferation. I have been utilizing transgenic immortalized MEF cell lines to achieve this goal.