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One Month Is Not Such a Long Time

By Tara Kedia

In my last couple of weeks in Haiti, I’ve been concluding my projects at l’Hôpital Immaculée Conception (HIC), and have also had the chance to see a bit more of the country. (Read more about my work at HIC in my previous post.)

Some of the departments at HIC do not have consistent access to soap and water or hand sanitizer, which are important infection-prevention measures. Last week, my supervisor, Cleonas Destine, an infectious disease doctor here at HIC, and I mixed up a batch of hand sanitizer, as per the World Health Organization’s Formulation. We still need to find a pharmacy in Cayes that would be able to mix larger batches to continuously supply HIC with hand sanitizer.

The projects on tuberculosis diagnosis have also progressed further along. We have gotten comments from all the TB staff and infectious disease doctors on a shorter and translated-to-Creole version of USAID’s survey, “Reducing Delays in TB Diagnosis.” This week, we’re meeting with the staff who could administer this survey to patients on a regular basis.