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A Heart-to-Heart With The Rwandan Health System


During his six week stay in Rwanda, Dr. Bruce Friedman brought decades of experience as a physician and educator in cardiology to an audience with a very different background from that of his students at Geisel and DHMC.

Thinking back on his time with the HRH Program in Rwanda, Friedman says the most rewarding part of his visit was getting to learn about a different culture, while developing working and personal relationships with Rwandan postgraduate physicians and other dedicated Rwandan and US faculty.

"I felt I could best contribute by helping build a system for educating post graduates in the basics of cardiology including anatomy, physiology, diagnostic techniques including history, physical examination, electrocardiography, echocardiography, imaging and an Evidence-based approach to common cardiac conditions," says Friedman.

feinmanAnd just as Friedman has contributed to changing the Rwandan medical system, so his stay has changed him.

"Working in a different part of the world and playing a role in the development of their national medical system changed the way I look and think about our own system of medical care, as well as my appreciation of its strengths, weaknesses and its future," he says.

"I feel the best way for me to make a difference is by encouraging others to support and contribute to this effort."